Tuesday, September 1, 2009

We Do Not Want an Apology

As the head of MCA Public Complain Bureau, Micheal Chong had always portrayed himself as a people's hero. As much as I would really love to say kudos to him for arranging a meeting between the the Deputy Home Minister woth regards to the Al-Islam idiots who defiled our Holy Eucharist, I really cannot do so.

This whole memorandum submission organized by Micheal Chong is a farce. This whole exercise looks more like a Merdeka photo-op. Or even Micheal is trying to do some damage control on behalf of MCA in view of the whole "kangkong" saga.

However, whatever damage control that was done was undone by this genius's comments. "As much as the report was done in a justifiable manner, the 2 journalist had offended the the Holy Spirit of the Catholic Community. I wish that the 2 journalist will apologize." Original text here.

I will not dwell into the religious aspect about "offending the holy spirit" but have this duffus read the article. 2 person posing as Catholics in the name of jourmalism, defiling the Holy Eucharist and dear ole' Mike say their act is justifiable. Instead of demanding action from the Home Ministry, he ask for an apology.

Maybe he should just deal with the Ah Longs and stay out of religious issues.

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