Wednesday, July 22, 2009


敷衍 yǎn definition: to skimp; to botch; to do something half heartedly or just to show

We should had expected this from a PM who gave away "gula-gula" to commemorate his 100 days in power which coincidentally fell on the eve of Manek Urai by election.

Do we need a panel of expert to find out "if there were any human rights violations during the interrogation". Heck, he was grilled for more than 1o hours from evening to midnight without the presence of a lawyer. Tell me that is not a human rights violation. My sister studying 2nd year law could write a term paper on how many human rights that had violated.

Entrusting a magistrate to lead the inquiry into Beng Hock's death. Maybe the magistrate don't even need to pick up a pen to write the report....Correct Correct Correct.

Mr 1Malaysia PM, you might as well appoint Mr Correct as the Chairman of the RCI. This is turning into a real full blown farce.

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