Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sami Vellu the 2nd in the Making

When asked about why CCTV was not installed in the MACC headquarters, Nazri answer was a flat "Saya tak tau" as reported by Sin Chew Jit Poh .

Further pressed to comment on the transparency of interrogation procedure of MACC, his answer was "This you would have to go and ask MACC." Sounds familiar? Hint: "Itu bukan gua punya pasal. Itu design punya pasal."

This is from the man who directly oversees the MACC as the MACC reports directly to the PM's department. Its like my client asking me, "Why is the claim not payable?" and I answer "Dunno, go ask the Insurers."

I wonder how would this affect his KPI.

All of us had been in grief over what happened over the pass few days. Here is some comic relief for all. They are really screwed.

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